Fuse decentralized solutions to bring blockchain to everyday life

ARAX's Overview
Company Overview

Arax Holdings Corp. invests in TechFin and blockchain-based software solutions companies. The primary focus of Arax is to fuse decentralized solutions with financial service providers within multiple markets and communication networks to bring blockchain to everyday life.

ARAX’s Key Objectives
Directing management activities to maximize the creation of shared value and long-term growth for all stakeholders.

ARAX is a holding company that invests in cutting-edge new technology companies while participating in the introduction and deployment of these technologies into real-world solutions. ARAX is committed to shaping its future by bringing prosperity to all.

ARAX's Vision and Goals
  • The goal of our company is to consistently deliver sustainable stakeholder value through sound investment practices, management leadership, and teamwork.
  • Our crucial role of stewardship over our subsidiary companies and track record of prudent management success is a result of more than ten years of building and running one of the most successful blockchain ecosystem and communication applications development teams while maintaining a solid financial position enables us to invest in a diverse portfolio of businesses that can deliver superior earnings and dividend growth over the long term for the benefit of all our credible stakeholders.
  • Additionally, we want to be a pioneer in the advancement of ESG, and corporate sustainability and integrate it into our operations.
About ARAX
ARAX Holdings Corp. comprises several operating subsidiaries, of which Core Business Holdings, consisting of Ping Exchange, Wall Money, CorePay, and Core Token, is the most significant.

These subsidiaries have independent boards of directors and management teams guiding their operations. ARAX adheres to a decentralized management and structure philosophy, where each subsidiary follows its own corporate plan. Based on what we have learned in the TechFin sector, ARAX only has non-executive members on the boards of these subsidiaries in order to exert its influence. This guarantees optimum productivity and returns on resources used.

ARAX has also made several other investments in companies that are not controlled by ARAX, which are primarily exclusive management agreements, associates, or joint ventures. ARAX maintains significant influence or joint control over these companies through its board representation at each company.

Latest news
January 05, 2024

ARAX Holdings Corp., a leading blockchain-based software innovator in the digital asset management industry, is thrilled to announce the launch of its most anticipated product, the Ping Exchange. As a part of the Core Business Holdings Ecosystem, a…

December 05, 2023

ARAX is bringing the metaverse and Unity SDK to the Core Blockchain to open up a new world of interactive experiences ARAX Holdings Corp. (ARAX; Ticker: ARAT) has acquired a 20% stake in The Nemesis, a leading open-world metaverse platform developed…

ARAX's Wealth Creation for Stakeholders

Elements thought to be essential for the sustainability of wealth creation and economic growth:

Doing Business Ethically
  • ARAX is a responsible investor, as it constantly takes into account how the company's strategy will affect its ability to remain profitable, as well as how it will affect the environment and the society, in which it operates.
  • Leadership based on ethical foundations results in sustaining a culture of ethical and moral behavior and compliance with laws, regulations, codes of conduct, norms, and standards. Consistent achievement of objectives creates trust, while ethical environments also foster high morale among employees and subsidiary teams.
  • ARAX establishes itself as a dependable and trusted investment partner by consistently aiming to "do the right thing."
Principal Integrated Sustainability Drivers
  • With its current investments in cutting-edge technology and influence over the decentralized market reach, ARAX is able to acquire sizeable stakes or controlling management agreements in businesses that are significant enough to have a material impact on ARAX's revenue and net asset value.
  • The management of ARAX's subsidiary companies by competent, hands-on, and experienced executives is a crucial value-add that will advance its sustainability agenda and encourage sustainable behavior in line with ESG principles in order to meet shared and universal sustainability goals.
  • The company's focus on ESG principles, new ideas, and the future is reflected in its Investment Framework and Mandate.