Michael Loubser

Michael Loubser has over 30 years of experience in the digital transaction, data facilitation, software, and hardware development industries in the video capturing industry. Michael is a seasoned blockchain implementation advisor and industrial consultant who has been instrumental in the set-up of 76 factories and in improving workflow processes in various countries.

Michael is a creative entrepreneur who challenges the status quo while keeping intelligence and integration progress in mind. He fulfills the role of strategic counselor and mentor in workflow and optimization processes in the development of the Core Blockchain and its entire ecosystem, and Michael invests his industry intelligence significantly into building out the Core Blockchain Network and Core Ecosystem business for sustainable community gain.

In 2012, he and his son, Ockert, immigrated to Slovakia, where they together started to develop an e-commerce platform, today is known as TokToKey. Michael currently spends the majority of his time developing use cases and advising the core team on how to implement blockchain-based real-world solutions.