Ockert Loubser

Seasoned serial entrepreneur and tech-savvy business developer, Ockert Loubser, holds over 18 years of commercial expertise as a pioneering businessman. Ockert is a firm believer in digital assets as the future of global payments, Ockert is focused on Blockchain and Dapps’ research, solutions development, and digital product design.

As a graphic UI UX designer and animator, Ockert became by default involved in software architecture and application invention when he joined his father Michael in software and hardware development. He became a self-taught developer, developing cloud platforms and implementing hardware SDKs into commercial software applications that support 21st-century digital video software capturing, communication networks, social interaction, cloud data storage, digital identity and profile management, and GSM transactional solutions.

In 2012, Ockert and his father Michael emigrated to Slovakia, whereafter they co-founded Core Group and Core Decentralized Technologies to develop the Core Blockchain and its blockchain-based ecosystem where he fulfilled the tough position as COO deploying several projects from development into operational platforms. In the last two years, Ockert has taken over the CEO position from his father.