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Use Cases

Explore our Use Cases page, where we showcase the innovative integration between CorePass and Ping Exchange, exemplifying the dynamic deployment of our Blockchain as a Platform (BaaP) solution. This unique collaboration bridges a decentralized application (CorePass) with a Hybrid Exchange (Ping), heralding a new era in data communication and remittance on a peer-to-peer level.

Key Features of the CorePass and Ping Exchange Integration:

Compliance and Data Reliability:

Upholds stringent data compliance and reliability, aligning with regulations set forth by Switzerland, ensuring that data management adheres to the highest standards.

Smart Contract Integration:

Employs smart contracts with anti-cheating mechanisms, guaranteeing the authenticity and accuracy of user data transmitted between platforms.


Facilitates seamless cross-platform communication between the Core Blockchain and both platforms through the use of CheckSums, enhancing data availability and integrity.

Fraudulent Activity Monitoring:

Implements a sophisticated flagging system to monitor and prevent any fraudulent transactions or market manipulations, maintaining a secure and trustworthy trading environment.

Real-Time Data Updates:

Ensures immediate updates on user documents whenever there are changes or expirations, keeping all parties informed and compliant.

Advanced Monitoring Dashboards:

Offers comprehensive monitoring and compliance dashboards, providing a clear overview of transactions, user activities, and system health.

Secure Signing and Event Handling:

Features robust signing and event management processes, including secure transaction approvals for withdrawals, enhancing operational security and user trust.

This integration stands as a testament to the power of ARAX's BaaP, driving forward the capabilities of decentralized and hybrid exchanges. It not only showcases our commitment to advancing blockchain technology but also highlights how our solutions can be customized to meet the intricate needs of diverse platforms, transforming data into a strategic asset for our clients.

Pioneering Sustainability in Manufacturing with Blockchain

This project is ready to be tailored, according to customer needs, and deployed in the ARAX BaaP Framework. A blockchain-powered framework aimed at aiding global manufacturers in adhering to the European Union's Ecodesign for Sustainable Products Regulation (ESPR), unveiled on March 30, 2022. This regulation marks a significant stride in the EU's commitment to fostering environmentally sustainable and circular products, broadening the scope of the pre-existing Ecodesign Directive focused primarily on energy-related products.

Key Components & Focus Areas:

  • Digital Product Passport (DPP): A cornerstone of the ESPR, serving as a comprehensive data repository for each regulated product. Utilizing QR codes, RFID tags, or similar technologies, the DPP encapsulates detailed sustainability metrics of products.

  • Ecodesign Requirements: ESPR introduces ecodesign stipulations across various product groups, aiming to boost their circularity, energy efficiency, and environmental stewardship. It encompasses a wide array of physical goods within the EU market, exempting categories like food and feed.

The regulation underscores the importance of product durability, reusability, upgradability, reparability, circular material usage, energy resource efficiency, and comprehensive information disclosures, including the DPP. By 2030, ESPR aspires to achieve substantial primary energy savings, comparable to the EU's Russian gas imports, highlighting its profound potential to reduce energy dependency.

Blockchain Framework: This blockchain initiative is designed to streamline manufacturers' compliance with ESPR, leveraging the technology's inherent security and transparency. It facilitates tracking product lifecycles, verifying DPP data accuracy, and potentially enhancing supply chain oversight to meet circularity and sustainability criteria.

Stakeholder Benefits:

The blockchain-enabled Digital Product Passport promises unparalleled access to product sustainability information. It empowers consumers and businesses with the knowledge to make ecologically responsible choices, simplifies repair and recycling processes, and augments product environmental impact transparency throughout their lifecycle.

Public Authority Role:

Supported by the blockchain framework and DPP, the ESPR will bolster public authorities' capabilities in enforcing compliance and regulatory standards. In essence, this blockchain framework is set to become instrumental in aligning manufacturers with the EU's rigorous, all-encompassing sustainable product design guidelines, fostering a transparent, circular economy ethos.

ARAX BaaP Solutions: Navigating Euro 7 Compliance with the Environmental Vehicle Passport

Unlock compliance and innovation in vehicle environmental stewardship with ARAX's tailored, according to customer needs, Blockchain as a Platform (BaaP) solutions. Catering to manufacturers and fleet managers navigating the forthcoming Euro 7 regulation, our service offering ensures seamless adherence to this transformative standard, including the pivotal Environmental Vehicle Passport (EVP) requirement.

Seamless Euro 7 Regulation Integration

Our BaaP ecosystem effortlessly integrates with the Totams fleet management platform, providing a robust solution for the real-time monitoring and management of emissions, battery durability, and overall vehicle compliance. This integration not only adheres to the Euro 7 regulation's harmonized technical requirements and durability mandates but also addresses the critical aspects of real-world emissions testing and non-exhaust emissions control.

Comprehensive Compliance and Efficiency

Through the BaaP Dashboard solution, stakeholders gain access to a centralized view of vehicle compliance status, emission levels, and battery performance metrics. This dashboard simplifies the complex landscape of Euro 7 compliance, reducing administrative burdens while enhancing operational efficiency. Key features include:

  • EVP Documentation: Automatically generate and update Environmental Vehicle Passports, ensuring vehicles meet or exceed the Euro 7 emission limits and battery durability standards, serving as a transparent record for consumers and authorities.

  • Unified Emission Standards: Navigate the merged requirements for light-duty and heavy-duty vehicles with ease, leveraging updated emission limits and technology standards.

  • Streamlined Process Management: Benefit from a simplified regulatory process, with unified application dates and streamlined procedures, backed by ARAX’s blockchain security and reliability.

  • Real-World Data Accuracy: Equip your fleet with the tools for accurate real-world emissions testing, supported by minimal restrictions and comprehensive on-board monitoring systems.

  • Innovative Non-Exhaust Emission Control: Tackle microplastic and particle emissions from tyres and brakes, contributing to environmental protection efforts.

  • Tamper Protection and Battery Durability: Secure your pollution control systems against tampering and ensure electric vehicle batteries meet the Euro 7 performance criteria.

Towards a Sustainable Future

Embrace the future of sustainable road transport with ARAX’s BaaP solutions. Our comprehensive approach to Euro 7 compliance, integrated with the Totams fleet management platform and showcased through the BaaP Dashboard, positions manufacturers and fleet operators at the forefront of environmental and health protection. Join us in setting new standards for vehicle performance, consumer trust, and ecological responsibility. Welcome to ARAX's world of compliant, efficient, and transparent cradle-to-grave vehicle management.

Welcome to the future of enterprise management—decentralized, efficient, and transparent. For a taylor-made solution please feel free to contact us.