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ARAX Holdings Corp. - Strategic Stake Acquisition in Metaverse Platform "The Nemesis"

ARAX is bringing the metaverse and Unity SDK to the Core Blockchain to open up a new world of interactive experiences

ARAX Holdings Corp. (ARAX; Ticker: ARAT) has acquired a 20% stake in The Nemesis, a leading open-world metaverse platform developed by Undo Studios SA in Lugano, Switzerland. This investment, with an option for an additional 11%, not only aligns ARAX with cutting-edge Web3 trends but also opens doors to revolutionary opportunities in gaming, entertainment, and several key industries, including smart cities and healthcare.

This strategic partnership is poised to redefine enterprise solutions in the metaverse, enhancing ARAX's digital asset and attribute management capabilities utilizing the Core Business Holdings Ecosystem. "This acquisition is not just an investment; it's a commitment to shaping the future of how we interact in the digital world," states Ockert Loubser, COO of ARAX.

Creating a World of Inclusion with The Nemesis - ARAX Acquisition, CorePass Integration, and More

The venture is a transformative step for ARAX and is expected to considerably enrich shareholder value by facilitating The Nemesis deployment on Core Blockchain and the creation of connectors to CorePass through a Unity SDK.

Metaverse Market Impact

The metaverse is rapidly becoming a critical platform for Web3 and its digital economies. Insights from Meta and Deloitte highlight its potential economic impact, with projections of up to €489 billion in the EU and $760 billion in the US by 2035. ARAX's involvement in "The Nemesis" strategically positions the company to capitalize on this growth, offering innovative enterprise and industrial solutions and leveraging digital twin technologies across various sectors.

Over 400 million monthly active users are currently in the Metaverse, with platforms like Roblox showcasing 230 million monthly active users, and it is expected to significantly contribute to the global economy, with projections suggesting benefits to the global economy that could reach up to US$3.6 trillion per year by 2035. The global metaverse market in 2023 will be worth US$83.9 billion with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 48% from 2023 to 2030 and revenue forecasted at US$1.3 trillion in 2030.

Bringing The Nemesis to Core Blockchain is set to drive increased demand for Core Token and Core Coin through novel metaverse opportunities, thereby boosting ARAX's presence in the digital currency market by enhancing their value through the development of gamification token platforms, NFTs, communication network solutions, video streaming, and enterprise and industrial solutions, to name a few applications.

Integrating CoreEcosystem capabilities into the metaverse will create further opportunities in tokenizing real-world assets, smart contract development, and DAO management platforms and activate ARAX’s entire banking and payment gateway SaaS solutions. The Nemesis is set to become uniquely positioned to facilitate unrivaled digital experiences for enterprises in the current landscape of digital assets.

ARAX aims to position The Nemesis as a frontier tool for enterprise solutions, enabling user onboarding, immersive training, virtual collaborations, inventive brand awareness and marketing strategies, communication networks, and video streaming systems. Its ability to mimic real-world scenarios of mixed reality in a virtual environment creates vast opportunities for onboarding, training, product development, and customer engagement, thus revolutionizing traditional business operations.

ARAX's stake in The Nemesis consolidates its current market position and paves the way for expanding its blockchain-based solutions into the global digital economy, bringing streamlined Web3 user experiences to reality. The metaverse provides ARAX with a singular platform to develop and implement creative business models, grow its clientele, and enter emerging markets with a trailblazing mindset. Furthermore, CorePass, the official wallet for holding Core Coin (XCB) and Core Token (CTN), will expand into Unity with a fully integrated SDK. This will increase the market reach of both ARAX and The Nemesis, increase the demand and supply of digital assets and attributes, and create a whole new market for the Core Ecosystem.

Enhancing Customer Engagement

The captivating environment of The Nemesis skill set and product suite allows ARAX to engage with customers in a more interactive and immersive manner, potentially revolutionizing customer service and experience and setting new industry standards.

Fintech, Healthcare, and Services Industry Solutions in the Metaverse

In the realm of the services industries, ARAX's venture into the metaverse promises to transform client onboarding processes, training methodologies, CRM, and remote assistance. Integrating mixed reality into the metaverse enriches user experiences, particularly in visualizing complex data and the safe and ethical stewardship of such data.

Industrial Solutions and the Metaverse

The Nemesis partnership with ARAX's approach to digital asset management holds the potential to transform industrial solutions, enhance virtual training, facilitate remote operation of machinery via digital twins, and foster global collaboration, leading to efficiency and innovation in industrial processes.

ARAX Holdings Corp.'s stake acquisition in The Nemesis marks a significant leap forward in digital interactions and an expansive range of industrial and enterprise solutions. This acquisition enhances ARAX's market presence and highlights its role as a pioneer in adopting cutting-edge digital technologies. As ARAX embarks on this exciting project, it is prepared to explore the numerous opportunities the metaverse offers, spurring innovation and growth in the digital era and raising the bar in the Web3 user experience.

Explore The Nemesis today by visiting: thenemesis.io.

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